Fixed Flow VORTEX Fire Hose Nozzle

The adjustable smooth bore solution

If the smooth bore is your nozzle of choice, don’t limit yourself with a gated nozzle to break your stream. With the Vortex, you can use your smooth bore with the hard-hitting straight stream or choose a dispersed pattern that doesn’t limit your flow. 

What is Vortex? 


Vortex installs behind your smooth bore tip and allows you to operate in a straight stream or uniformly dispersed pattern without limiting flow. Use your hard-hitting straight stream to knock down the fire, then switch to a dispersed pattern for protection, hydraulic ventilation, or salvage and overhaul. 

Inside Vortex are short vanes that are less intrusive than a typical stream straightener. Once you twist over to Vortex mode, the vanes pivot to introduce a gentle spin to the water. Once that water exits your smooth bore tip, it disperses in a narrow fog pattern. The unique design results in virtually no friction loss regardless of the stream pattern you’re using. 

Internal vanes on the Vortex for handlines

Internal vanes on the Vortex for monitors

Available Options 

Vortex is available for your handline and monitor smooth bore nozzles: 


Pair with any smooth bore up to 1 ¼” (32 mm) for use on a 1 ½” (38 mm) up to a 2.5” (65 mm) hose line. 

  • Tip only 
  • With Valve 
  • With Valve and Grip 


Designed with your master stream smooth bores and stacked tips in mind, the Vortex can operate with any size master stream smooth bore. The vanes also allow for large debris to easily pass through the nozzle. 

  • Manual and Electric Remote Versions 
  • 2.5” (65 mm) 
  • 3.5” (88 mm) 
  • 6” (152 mm) 

How is it Possible to Get a Narrow Fog Pattern Without Losing Flow Rate? WATCH