Suction Strainers


Suction Strainers

About the Suction Strainers

Does your department draft from static sources regularly? Do you need a reliable strainer to protect your equipment from debris?  

What is a Strainer? 

During drafting operations, a strainer helps you pull water without bringing larger debris into your pump and equipment. A well-designed strainer will be optimized to minimize clogging and allow high flow. 

Floating Low-Level Strainers 

Floating Low-level strainers allow you to collect water from ponds, lakes, and rivers even when water levels are low.  

  • Float is included for use in deeper water and is removeable by a pull pin if it is not needed. 
  • Clog resistant stainless-steel screen allows high flow. 
  • Friction loss of just 0.5 PSI at 1500 GPM reduces strain on your pump, reduces potential for air vortexes to form, and maximizes drafting capacity.

Floating Barrel Strainers 

Floating barrel strainers are ideal for open bodies of water or portable tanks. 

  • Easily converts to a standard barrel strainer by removing float. 
  • Constructed of high-strength corrosion proof polymer which eliminates corrosion. 

Barrel Strainers 

Barrel strainers give you adequate flow capability in a durable piece of equipment.  

  • Made with impact resistant polymer to minimize dents if dropped. 
  • Polymer resists corrosion, even with contaminated water sources. 
  • Oversized loop for easy tie-off. 
  • Hard anodized aluminum coupling that rotates easily on a polymer bearing ring.