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Flotation device allows TFT high volume low-level strainer to collect clean water from ponds, lakes and rivers. The strainer inlet, made of hard anodized and powder-coated aluminum, hangs 18″ below water level to avoid sucking surface air and bottom debris. Capable of supporting up to 30 ft of hose, the strainer extends well beyond safety ledges of residential ponds. The clog-resistant stainless steel filter has over twice as much flow area as a 6″ hose. This keeps friction loss down to 0.5 psi (1″ Hg) at 1500 gpm and reduces the potential for air vortexes to form. Oversized sealed ball pivot allows 45° range of hose angle without constricting the flow path. Jet Siphon substantially increases suction lift capability and is also useful for tank shuttle, pump priming and dewatering with no need for a trash pump. Jet Siphon has 1.5″ female hose threaded coupling that pivots freely in any direction to avoid hose kinks. Rugged polyethylene float is yellow for high visibility and nests compactly over the strainer for minimal storage space. Float removal is not necessary for low level use, although a tethered latching hinge pin allows the float to be removed or installed instantly if desired.

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