SHO-FLOW Firefighting Water Flow Meter


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About the SHO-FLOW Firefighting Water Flow Meter


The SHO-FLOW water flow meter helps you and your crew set pump discharge pressure (PDP), test equipment, and train with real-time water flow data.  

If you have ever asked “How do I know what I’m flowing?” – SHO-FLOW is for you. 

What is SHO-FLOW? 

The SHO-FLOW is a lightweight Bluetooth water flow meter that quickly installs in your waterflow setup. 

With a Bluetooth water flow meter, you get real-time flow rates straight to your smart device so that you always know your flow. You can use these readings to set your PDP and optimize performance, test your equipment, and train your crew. 

How Does SHO-FLOW Work? 

  • Place the unit anywhere in your waterflow setup with compatible connections 
  • Flow water 
  • Connect using a smart device that has the SHO-FLOW app downloaded 
  • Get your flow rates in real-time 

No wires or batteries needed

You don’t need to plug in or replace batteries with SHO-FLOW! Each unit generates its own power using an unobstructed water driven turbine that will pass debris. Starting at the meter’s minimum flow rating, the turbine generates the power needed to supply a bluetooth connection to your smart device.

Full Flow Range

Are you moving a lot of water? There are three different models of SHO-FLOW to choose from based on your desired flow rates. Models can accomodate flows ranging from 25 to 1250 gpm (100 to 5000 l/min) depending on the model. This means you can use the flow meter on a variety of nozzles and monitors! 

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Accurate Flow Data

Units have a +/- 2.5% accuracy throughout the flow range. This give you usable data. Plus, the app features a totalizing function that allows you to track water flow totals for use in incident reporting, tracking water usage in billable areas, and tracking total flow during training operations.

Know Your Flow with Bluetooth Technology

The SHO-FLOW can connect to any phone, tablet, or smart device capable of downloading apps from the Google Play or Apple App Store

Worried about damaging your device? Because the unit transmits information via a Bluetooth connection, you do not need to be next to the SHO-FLOW to view flow rates. If you use the unit during training, testing, or on the fire ground, whoever receives information can do so away from the water and heat that may cause damage to your device.

Available in 7 languages:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Chinese (Mandarin)
  • French
  • Portuguese

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