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SHO-FLOW 2: 2.5” NHF X 2.5” NHM


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100-500 GPM (400-2000 LPM)

TFT’s SHO-FLOW 2 LOW FLOW BLUETOOTH® generates its own power using an unobstructed water driven turbine, with a built in stream straightener, that will pass debris up to 1.7″ (43 mm) in diameter. Starting at 100 GPM (400 l/min), the turbine generates power needed to supply a BLUETOOTH® connection to any smart device. Choose units you want displayed from your smart device; gpm, gps, l/min or l/sec. Full flow range 100 – 500 gpm (1.7 – 8.3 gps) (400 – 2000 l/min) (3.33 – 19.16 l/sec)

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Weight 4.600 lbs
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Communication Wireless

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Outlet Coupling Style

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Technical Specifications and Drawings

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