CROSSFIRE® Firefighting Monitors



Versatile Attack Monitors

About the CROSSFIRE® Firefighting Monitors

Are you looking for versatility in your Master Stream? Crossfire gives you flows up to 1250 GPM (4500 LPM) in a portable or fixed firefighting monitor.  


CROSSFIRE is a versatile firefighting monitor that can be used as a deck gun or portable monitor depending on your needs. The monitor comes in several different models with various inlet connection options. The large 3.25” (83 mm) waterway delivers up to 1250 GPM (4500 LPM) with low friction loss.  

A Mounted or Portable Monitor 

CROSSFIRE makes use of a quick connect swivel join allowing it to be used on a truck mounted flange or portable base.  

Truck Mounted

  • Connect using adapters or an Extend-A-Gun with XL outlet 
  • Easily remove to connect to a portable base if needed 

Portable Attack Monitor 

  • Single or double inlets available 
  • Stainless steel, carbide tipped monitor base legs 
  • Storage bracket available 

Safety Features 

Whether you choose to use CROSSFIRE as a truck mounted deck gun or a portable monitor, safety features will keep your crew safe.  

Deck Gun Safety Features 

  • Visually verifiable base connection 
  • Release “locks out” by water pressure to avoid unintentional release 

Portable Monitor Safety Features 

  • Safe-Tak safety shutoff system to prevent unintentional movement 
  • Visually verifiable base connection 
  • Anchor strap for added stability 

Storage Options 

If you choose to use your CROSSFIRE as a portable monitor, storage may be one of your concerns. This compact monitor can be stored in a truck compartment or mounted to your apparatus using the convenient storage bracket. The bracket allows for vertical or horizontal storage.