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BlitzfireHE OSC 2.5″(65mm)Female Swivel Rocker Inlet 2.5″(65mm)Male Outlet MaxForce, Stack


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High Elevation, Oscillating Portable Firefighting Monitor Package

The Blitzfire brings 500 GPM (2000 LPM) to your fireground, even with limited personnel. This portable firefighting monitor can be deployed and operated by a single firefighter and can operate unassisted.
Carbide tipped stabilization legs provide stability that compliments the NFPA required tie down strap. A safety shut-off valve shuts the monitor down if it tilts or lifts, bringing safety to the forefront of your portable monitor use.

Six detent flow positions and a patented turbulence free slide valve offer your crew superior flow control. Adjust for water availability or changes to your fire ground with ease. A water-driven turbine lets you set the nozzle to automatically sweep 10, 15, or 20-degrees to either side of center.

A storage bracket is available for easy storage and is compatible with a preconnected setup.

This package includes:

XX211A-HE – Blitzfire High Elevation Monitor with Oscillation

  • 2.5” (65mm) Female Swivel Rocker Inlet
  • 2.5” (65mm) Rigid Male Outlet
  • Oscillation via water-driven turbine
  • Horizontal Movement: 20-degrees left and right of center
  • Vertical Movement: 10 to 86-degrees above horizontal
  • Turbulence-free slide valve
  • Safety Shut-Off Valve

MD12A – Max-Force Nozzle:

  • 100/55 PSI (7/4bar) Dual-Pressure Nozzle
  • Flow Capacity: 100-500 GPM (400-2000 LPM)
  • Stream: Straight stream to 120-degree wide fog

MST-3NJ – 3 Stacked Tips:

  • Hard coat anodized aluminum alloy for maximum corrosion protection
  • Includes: 1.5” (38mm), 1.25” (32mm), and 1” (25mm) diameter tips

XF-SS5 – Stream Straightener

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Safety Inlet


Safety Shutoff

High Elevation



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