How do I Set Up a Cost Effective Foam System?

“We’re trying to figure out what is the best and most cost effective setup for our foam system because the new Class A and Class B foam concentrate isn’t going through our current system. We’re looking at a foam eductor system, but our eductors are 40+ years old. I’m looking for an eductor that will attach to the pump panel and then to an 1 3/4″ hose and ultimately to a nozzle – what are the options?”

In this episode of askTFT, Brian Pods gives you a few pointers for setting up a new foam system and what to look for in your foam eductor, foam nozzle, and foam attachments.

Foam Eductors

An external foam eductor will definitely help with foam delivery. Eductors can easily attach to the 2 1/2″ discharge of your truck or even between two lengths of hose with 1 1/2″ or 2 1/2″ couplings.

You can get a foam eductor in 60, 95, or 125 GPM options for handline operations. They are also available in 250 or 350 GPM options for your portable monitor operations.

Foam Compatible Nozzles

When choosing a nozzle, you can choose a fixed, selectable, or automatic nozzle. You should always match your nozzle GPM rating to the flow rating of the eductor you are using. This is really straightforward for a fixed nozzle. For selectable, you need to select the correct GPM setting during use. Automatic nozzles just need to include the GPM of your eductor in their flow range to be effective.

We also recommend using a lower rated nozzle pressure – 75 psi – because a lower nozzle pressure gives you a lower stream velocity. This results in less stripping away of the bubbles in your foam which gives you a higher quality foam blanket.

Explore nozzle options here!

Foam Attachments

Your foam system may also need a foam attachment or aspirator. These attachments entrain air and mechanically agitate the foam solution, which helps you achieve the highest quality of finished foam.

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