Working Fire: Stainless Steel Ball Valve & Replaceable Valve Seat

The Working Fire Fixed Flow nozzle with pressure relief is built standard with a 1-3/8” diameter stainless steel ball valve and a field-replaceable valve seat. These two elements bring quality and simplicity to the nozzle while it helps you manage nozzle reaction during moments of increased GPM. 

Stainless Steel Ball Valve 

The standard stainless steel ball valve is a full 1-3/8” diameter to provide you with durability and performance throughout the nozzle’s life. The 1-3/8” waterway lets you deliver the initial attack flows that today’s fireground demands.  

Field Replaceable Valve Seat 

You can replace the valve seat within 30 seconds in the field, keeping you in service and ready to go.  


Learn more about these two features of the Working Fire Fixed Flow nozzle in the video above, and keep learning in the water flow section of the Firefighter Learning Hub