What is the Impulse Trigger Nozzle System?

The fire service carries a wide range of equipment options. Understanding each of them and when they can and should be used is important for any dedicated firefighter.  

One piece of equipment you may have encountered in person or online is the Impulse Trigger Nozzle System from Task Force Tips. This system is unique to other nozzle operating methods and may cause some confusion at first. So, let’s explore what it is and when it might be used.  

What is the Impulse Trigger Nozzle System?

The Impulse Trigger Nozzle System is a method of controlling the water stream on your firefighting nozzle with a trigger-like mechanism. Certain nozzles available from us, like the G-Force nozzle, can be ordered with this nozzle operation style. 

Rather than a bail handle or off-setting on your nozzle’s selector ring, the Impulse Trigger Nozzle System allows you to open the nozzle and close it with a trigger. This is paired with an ergonomic pistol grip for maximum comfort and usability. 

A MidMatic nozzle with the Impulse Trigger Nozzle

When the trigger is pulled, the slide valve within the nozzle moves, allowing water to flow through. The trigger nozzle’s speed is adjustable and allows water flow to be opened and closed rapidly if needed, and managed one handed. 

When is the Trigger Nozzle used? 

The trigger nozzle is not widely used in the United States where current firefighting techniques typically focus on The Nozzle Forward technique. It is used more in other parts of the world where building codes, building materials, and firefighting techniques differ.  

Pulsing for Gas Cooling 

Some areas of the world use a pulsing technique to cool the smoke layer above or around the attack crew. This requires short or long pulses of water in a fog pattern to be added to the smoke layer, which cools the environment, contracting the gases and allowing the crew to advance further. 

Since this method requires quick bursts of water, a trigger mechanism makes this process simple. Rather than the full arm movement required to operate a bail handle, which may or may not be quick enough and could lead to fatigue, the trigger can be quickly and reliably used to open and close water flow. 

Forestry Reel 

If your forestry vehicle has a mounted reel, a trigger nozzle may be a good option. The trigger nozzle allows the nozzle operator to control the flow of water with one hand while leaving the other free. This allows constant control of your stream pattern, or if properly harnessed onto a moving wildland vehicle, can help maintain balance on uneven terrain. 

Is the Trigger Nozzle Right for Me? 

The Impulse Trigger Nozzle System certainly isn’t right for every fire crew. Ask yourself these questions to decide if it is right for you:  

  1. Are pulsing techniques appropriate for my response area/ does my department regularly use pulsing techniques for gas cooling on fires? 
  1. Am I using a reel that may be more easily operated with one hand free for balance or pattern control?  
  1. Do I always need a hand free for pattern control when fighting fires? 
  1. Does the Impulse Trigger Nozzle System work with the nozzle handling techniques that my department uses? 
  1. Will mutual aid departments be able to train with us regularly enough to understand the use of the mechanism and use it reliably during mutual aid calls? 


The Impulse Trigger Nozzle System is a unique method of controlling water flow on certain types of nozzles. While it may not be appropriate for every department, it is valuable for others. To learn more or see if the trigger nozzle is right for you, find your nearest dealer today