What is the Best Nozzle for Your Ground Monitor?

“What nozzle is best with our ground monitor?” 

Choosing a nozzle for your portable monitor is a big decision. If you’re wondering which nozzle will work best, there are a few different factors to look at. You will want to consider:

  • Your water supply

  • Potential hazards in your response district

  • Your SOPs or SOGs

Let’s look at each of these considerations more fully.

Your Water Supply 

As you consider nozzle options, you will want to consider your water supply and how consistent it is. This will help you determine if an automatic nozzle would be beneficial, or if a smooth bore would get the job done.

If your water supply is inconsistent and you rely on a static water source like a dump tank, pond, or lake regularly, you will want to consider an automatic nozzle. The automatic nozzle will adjust to your water supply – whether you have a low 100 GPM or high 500 GPM flow at any given moment. The baffle’s response to your supply will ensure your water still has a good reach and good impact force.

Are you wondering how an automatic nozzle adjusts to your water supply? Learn more here

If you don’t have water supply challenges and want to hit the fire hard with a full 500 GPM, a 1 3/8” smooth bore will give you 500 GPM at 80 PSI.

Potential Hazards in Your Response District 

You should also consider the specific hazards you may encounter in your response district. This will get you thinking about whether you need a fog or smooth bore nozzle.

If you face a lot of industrial hazards like pressurized fuel fires, vapor suppression, or cooling an LP tank, you may need a master stream fog nozzle.

If you are dedicating your portable monitor to aggressive fire attack or defensive ops, a master stream smooth bore tip will allow a high flow at 500 GPM at only 80 PSI.

SOPs and SOGs 

It’s important to evaluate options and ask questions to find the right solution for your response district. When you effectively evaluate your options, you will find the right tool for the job.

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