What is AirCard

According to the International Association of Fire Fighters, from 2002 to 2019, two-thirds of career firefighter line of duty deaths were caused by cancer. 

We know that exposure to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) can lead to cancer and other serious health issues. But how can you detect and evaluate the levels of VOCs in your department or apparatus cab?  

What is AirCard? 

AirCard detects elevated levels of VOCs that your crew may be exposed to. Each card is loaded with purple pellets or beads that react to VOCs. VOCs alter the makeup of these pellets, causing them to lose their purple color over time. 

Essentially, it is a low maintenance visual indicator of your crew’s health and safety. 

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How to Use

Choose a location 

Place the AirCard in a location where your team works and spends time. This can be within your station or in the apparatus. 

Scan the QR Code 

Scan the QR code located on the front of your device and locate your department within the form. Occasionally, we will remind you to check on its status.  

Watch Your AirCard 

If you see that the beads on the left compartment of your AirCard have lost their purple color, scan the QR code again and log the result. Your beads may turn a variety of colors depending on the type of VOC it is exposed to. The main thing you are checking for is if it has lost its purple color.  

If the beads remain purple after 30 days, it is likely that your VOCs are under control. You should retest in about 60 days to be sure. 

Evaluate Your Results 

After you submit your results, you will receive an email explaining what your results mean along with some next steps to help protect the health of your crew. 

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