Differences in Firefighting Valves: Siamese, Gated Wye, Water Thief

On the fire ground, firefighters use a lot of different equipment to move and control water. One vital piece of their water flow equipment is the different types of valves they use. If you’ve heard firefighters talk about a siamese, gated wye, manifold, or water thief, you might have wondered what they are and what […]

The Broken Stream in Firefighting: What is it and Why do We Use It?

One of the many firefighting techniques employed by firefighters is the use of a broken stream. A broken stream can happen purposefully and be used effectively on the fire ground. They can also happen accidentally and be caused by nozzle damage or debris.  In this article, we are going to explore the broken stream when […]

Are Ground Monitors Safe?

12 Questions to Ask About Your Portable Monitor   Are you checking out different portable monitors and trying to choose the best one for your needs? Are you just diving into the world of ground monitors?   If so, you’re probably wondering about safety, personnel requirements, and other elements that can help you make the best choice.   […]

Using Water Flow Meters and Pressure Gauges During Nozzle Evaluation

Are you evaluating new firefighting nozzles for your crew? Are you completing NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) tests on your nozzles?   When you do either of these activities, you know that having the best, most accurate information is necessary. You’ve probably heard someone mention the use of a pressure gauge and water flow meter for […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid with Your New Firefighting Nozzles

Imagine this: You and your crew just wrapped up months of research, comparisons, and testing to find the perfect firefighting nozzles. After carefully weighing all the options, you've made your selection and placed the order. And guess what? Today is the day you receive the delivery!  Getting new equipment is always exciting, but here's the […]

What is an Automatic Nozzle?

The automatic nozzle is the youngest fire nozzle design on the market. The design for it was sketched on a dinner napkin in 1968 by Clyde McMillan, the founder of Task Force Tips. McMillan developed the nozzle to make your job as a firefighter easier and safer.   There are a lot of opinions out there […]