VUM (Valve Under Monitor)


Valve Under Monitor (VUM)

VUM (Valve Under Monitor)

Firefighting Valve Under Monitor (VUM)

About the Valve Under Monitor (VUM)

Do you need a valve and manifold under your monitor? Does it need to work on a ladder or platform? The VUM (Valve Under Monitor) is a lightweight option that can meet your needs. 

What is a VUM 

The VUM is a lightweight, low friction-loss valve and manifold for installation directly beneath your firefighting monitor on a ladder, platform, or other location. 

The VUM combines the valve mechanism from our Ball Intake Valve with a 4” ANSI 150 inlet and up to four 2.5” (65 mm) outlets. 

Valve Control Options  

RC or manual – the choice is yours. Choose the control option that works for your crew.  

Manual options come with either a worm drive gearbox or parallel drive gearbox. If your VUM has a worm drive gearbox, your crank handle can be installed on the left or right side of the valve. If you choose a parallel drive gearbox your crank handle will point away from all auxiliary points for the most flexibility in port configuration. 

RC models have a remote interface box that allows simple operation. 

Auxiliary Port Options

Your VUM comes with four auxiliary ports to enhance the capabilities of your equipment. These ports are ideal for adding:  

  • A pressure relief valve 
  • Hose connections 
  • External drain valves 
  • Gated elbows 
  • Straight Hydrant Valves 
  • Extension Pipes 

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