Typhoon Fixed Monitors


Typhoon Fixed Monitor

About the Typhoon Fixed Monitors

What is the Typhoon? 

Typhoon is a fixed firefighting monitor capable of flowing up to 1500 GPM (6000 LPM). The appliance is compatible with our Extend-A-Gun and Valve Under Monitor. 

Options for Your Apparatus 

Do you need a monitor for your aerial ladder or platform? Looking for something to place on your pumper?  

Pumper models are available in manual or electric remote-control options, giving you a choice in how you control your monitor. 

Manual versions can come with a tiller bar, dual handwheel, or with a tiller bar and handwheel. 

The Typhoon RC comes in a standard, ladder, or platform model. Ladder and platform models have horizontal travel stops factory installed at 90-degrees left and right for a 180-degree total horizontal range to avoid collision with your ladder or platform. 

Low Friction Loss 

With only 19 PSI (1.3 bar) of friction loss at max flow, the Typhoon gives you excellent stream quality and reach. 

Inlet and Outlet Options 

When you select your Typhoon you get a wide variety of inlet and outlet options.  

Inlet options cover:  

  • Flanges 
  • NPT female inlet adapters 
  • BSP male inlet adapters 
  • Extend-A-Guns 
  • Valve Under Monitors 

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