Specialty Firefighting Nozzles


Specialty Nozzles

About the Specialty Firefighting Nozzles

Does your facility need to deliver dry chemical agents? Are you searching for a nozzle that can deliver chemical agents and water?  

Dry-Chem Nozzles 

Our dry chemical nozzles are designed for an application rate of 5 pounds per second (2.3 kg/sec) and use the same slide valve design that can be found in some of our other nozzles. The specialized front end is designed for dry chemicals.  

Effective reach of the cloud is 75 feet (23 m) at full flow. Reach is proportionally less at each of the six partial valve settings.  

Dry-Chem Nozzle Features: 

  • 1.0” (25 mm) swivel inlet 
  • 6 valve settings 
  • Special front end includes the valve seat and straightening fins 
  • Tethered cap to protect from debris between uses 
  • No adjustment to pattern shape 

Dual Agent Nozzles 

A dual agent nozzle allows you to deliver dry chemical agents and water with a single pistol grip. A dry-chem nozzle is mounted to one side with the B-BH Ultimatic nozzle on the other side.  

The Ultimatic nozzle is an automatic nozzle with a flow range of 10 – 125 GPM at 100 PSI (40-500 LPM at 7 bar). It is capable of a straight stream to wide fog pattern. It also accepts the FJ-U Foamjet attachment. 

Dual Agent Nozzle Features: 

  • 1.0” (25 mm) swivel inlets 
  • 6 detent valve settings on both nozzles 
  • Dry chemical special front end includes the valve seat and a set of straightening fins 
  • Ultimatic has fully automatic pressure control