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In-Line Bluetooth Pressure Gauges

About the SHO-GAUGE Pressure Gauges


“Is there an easier way to get pressure readings?” 

Doing manual calculations over and over isn’t the most time-effective way to test your lines, train your crew, or evaluate a firefighting nozzle or water flow appliance. And sometimes, reading the face on an analog gauge isn’t as easy as you’d like. If you’re looking for an easier way to get your pressure readings, the SHO-GAUGE Bluetooth Pressure Gauge is your answer.

What is SHO-GAUGE? 

SHO-GAUGE is a Bluetooth pressure gauge that easily installs in your waterflow setup and provides real-time pressure readings to your smart device. This enables you and your crew to understand your PDP (Pump Discharge Pressure) and make necessary adjustments, calculate friction loss, and experiment with how uphill or downhill slopes affect your needed PDP.

Improve Testing and Training 

How can a Bluetooth pressure gauge help your crew? 

The SHO-FLOW can’t take away the benefits of thorough training, but it can help ensure your crew is doing their calculations right and learning to work with the equipment they have on hand. You can use SHO-GAUGE to double check calculations and correct errors before you land on the fire ground. 

SHO-GAUGE can also be used during testing operations. With accurate, real-time pressure readings you can understand if your PDP is where it needs to be and check if your friction loss is higher or lower than expected. If all you’re doing is testing equipment, you can remove the manual calculations and ensure your firefighting equipment is working properly!

Features and Benefits 

  • Accuracy: +/-2.5% full scale 
  • Maximum Operating Pressure: 300 psi (20 bar) 
  • Easy-to-use SHO-GAUGE app 
  • Three models available for various coupling sizes 
  • Bluetooth connection powered by a long-lasting CR123A battery 
  • Fully enclosed under the cap where the gauge face traditionally sits

Available Models: 

SHO-GAUGE is available in the following models: 

  • In-line appliance with 1.5” (38 mm) couplings 
  • In-line appliance with 2.5” (65 mm) couplings 
  • Stand-alone for any portable monitor, apparatus monitor, or appliance with ¼” NPT threads


You can download the SHO-GAUGE app on any smart device capable of downloading apps from the Apple App Store or Google Play.  

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