Master Force Firefighting Nozzles


High Flow Automatic, Dual Pressure Monitor Nozzles

About the Master Force Firefighting Nozzles

Do you need a standard and low-pressure nozzle option for your deck gun? Are you checking out manual and electric remote options?  

What is the Master Force Nozzle? 

Master Force Nozzles are automatic, dual pressure nozzles with a flow range of 1100 – 3000 LPM (300 – 800 GPM). The nozzle design allows you to turn a knob at the front of the nozzle to choose whether you operate in standard or low-pressure mode.  

Watch: How does an automatic nozzle work?   

Operate in Standard or Low-Pressure Mode 

With Master Force, you can choose the pressure that works best for you on the fire ground. Using the knob on the front of the nozzle, you can swap between blue, standard mode, and red, low-pressure mode.  

Standard Mode 

In standard, or blue mode, your Master Force nozzle maintains 7 bar (100 psi) operating pressure.  

Low Pressure Mode 

When you turn the knob on the front of your nozzle to red mode, you switch to low-pressure mode. Like standard mode, your nozzle will continue to maintain operating pressure, but now at 4 bar (55 PSI). 

Compatible Monitors 

These compact and lightweight nozzles pair well with our Hemisphere transportable monitor, Tornado, Hurricane, or Crossfire water cannons. They also pair with other brand monitors that are commonly used in the fire service. 

Nozzle Features: 

  • Flush without shutting down 
  • Flow range: 1100 – 3000 LPM (300 – 800 GPM) 
  • Stream pattern can be varied from straight stream to a dense, wide fog pattern 

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