Large Diameter Water Thief

LDH Water Thief

About the Large Diameter Water Thief

Are you struggling with water supply on fire grounds with a long set back? Do you need to split a single water source to attack multiple points on the fire ground?  

What is a Manifold? 

A manifold or large diameter water thief is a firefighting appliance that helps you break a single water source down into several smaller water sources. This allows you to get water to various points on the fire ground and adjust your tactics as needed. You can use the manifold to simultaneously operate handlines and initial attack monitors from a single water source. 

An Unobstructed Waterway 

Our LDH manifolds use a half ball valve design that gives you a large, unobstructed water way when the valve is open. This allows for low friction loss. The half ball valves are also capable of maintaining position while flowing in gated positions. 

Valve Control 

Manifolds are available with quarter-turn handles or slow-close valves that require low force to move, even under pressure. The valve itself will not slam shut under pressure. Folding handles are available to help address your storage and safety concerns. 

Corrosion Resistance 

With proper care, you can expect a long life from your manifold. All aluminum parts are hard coat anodized and powder coated for maximum durability. Couplings use polymer bearing rings for electrical insulation to prevent galvanic corrosion.