iVUM (Industrial Valve Under Monitor) Series


Low Friction Loss VUM

iVUM (Industrial Valve Under Monitor) Series


About the iVUM

Are you looking for a valve that allows you to control water to monitors on your fire protection loop? Do you need to keep your system active, even when a single monitor needs service? The iVUM can help you accomplish both of these tasks! 

What is an iVUM? 

The Industrial Valve Under Monitor is an efficient valve that you install directly beneath your firefighting monitors on a fire protection riser or hydrant stem. This allows you to strategically choose which monitors to use for asset and exposure protection. 

IVUM’s also keep your systems up and running, even when a monitor needs service. Since the valve is external, you can remove one monitor for service and continue using other monitors on the same loop without interruption. 

Standard External Automatic Drain Valve 

If you need minimal maintenance and hands-on time from your equipment, our iVUM is a solid choice. Every model is equipped with an external automatic drain valve to fully drain the monitor and valve body after use – limiting the likelihood of corrosion and freezing water in the valve.  

An optional internal automatic drain valve is also available. It is located inside the half ball and allows the standpipe to draw air to facilitate draining, even if the half ball is closed. This is ideal for those with freezing conditions or who typically drain the standpipe following use.  

Your Options 

The iVUM is built standard with 4” ANSI 150 or DN 100 PN16 flange connections. 

Electronically controlled and manual versions are available.