Firefighting Hydrant Valves


Are you trying to get the most out of a hydrant? Need a hydrant valve for your tanker refill operations? Explore our hydrant valves.  

What is a Hydrant Valve? 

A hydrant valve is a piece of firefighting equipment that helps control the flow of water from a fire hydrant or used in line with your hose setup(s). Valves come in various sizes and styles depending on your needs.  

Task Force Tips Hydrant Valves 

Our hydrant valves are manufactured from an aluminum alloy casting which is then hard coat anodized and powder coated for maximum corrosion resistance.  

Valves include a port for you to install a pressure gauge or air bleeder valve if desired. Hydrant valves are available with slow-close, or quarter turn handles to further prevent water hammer and allow throttling under pressure. 

Our Automatic Valve lock keeps the position of the valve while flowing at gated positions. This means water pressure will not slam your valve shut.  

Available Valve Styles 

You can find the hydrant valve that works best for your needs. We carry standard hydrant valves and hydrant assist valves.  

Standard Hydrant Valves 

Whether it is a 2.5” valve for the “dog ear” of the hydrant or a larger valve for the LDH connection, these lightweight valves feature a full, unobstructed waterway with a 300 PSI operating capacity from either side of the valve. These valves allow you to make use of all the available outlets of the hydrant, set up a refill site for a tanker shuttle, or control the supply from the hydrant to meet the needs of your fireground.  

Hydrant Assist Valves 

Our standard hydrant assist valves and Oasis Hydrant Assist Valve are perfect for maximizing the available pressure and flow from the hydrant or within your water relay operation. The valve is easy to set up in the moment or pre-connect because of the clear visual aid labels that inform the firefighter where the water is going and why. 

Please note:  When using the filters to search for a product, Side A refers to the inlet/hydrant side of the valve and Side B refers to the outlet/LDH side of the valve.