HURRICANE™ Fixed Monitors

Fixed Location Master Stream Monitor



About the HURRICANE™ Fixed Monitors

Are you looking for a compact water cannon that can maintain a full 360° or 450° rotational ability while flowing? Meet Hurricane. 

What is Hurricane? 

Hurricane is a high-capacity fixed deck gun capable of flowing up to 1250 GPM (4500 LPM). 

Manual and RC Versions 

  • Whether you plan to place your Hurricane on an apparatus or use it in an industrial environment, your control choice matters.
  • Hurricane is available in manual and remote-controlled versions to meet your needs. It is also compatible with the Extend-A-Gun extendable waterway. 

Full Rotational Ability 

Nothing should impede your ability to direct your stream to where you need it most. With Hurricane, you can maintain flow and keep your full rotational ability. 

  • 360 degrees for manual models 
  • 450 degrees for RC models 


The red or silver powder coat finish and stainless-steel elevation drive ensure that your Hurricane monitor can stand up to tough environments, including industrial applications.