HUM Hydrant Under Monitor Series


HUM Hydrant Under Monitor Series

About the HUM


What is a Hydrant Under Monitor (HUM)?

The Hydrant Under Monitor (HUM) is an integrated, alternative hydrant supply valve for industrial fire protection. The HUM has the same robust features of the Industrial Valve Under Monitor and has two additional full flow LDH ports that are configured to the facilities specification. Two concentric slow-close half ball valves allow the monitor to be operated either independently or simultaneously with the LDH ports.

What are the specs of the valves?

The main shutoff valve has a huge 5.25” waterway, located immediately above the 6” ANSI 150 inlet flange. When the monitor valve above is also open, flow to the monitor from the fire protection riser is completely unobstructed for the lowest possible friction loss. Each valve control is clearly marked with separate color-coded position indicators that are reflective for visibility in all light conditions.

What options are available for monitor and hose connections?

All models are equipped with an external automatic drain valve and a second automatic drain valve within the monitor half ball. These valves fully drain the monitor and valve body after each use when pressure drops below 5 psi, thus minimizing susceptibility to damage from corrosion and freezing water.

How do you install, use and maintain the HUM?

Using a HUM with a 90-Degree Hydrant Valve