High Rise Kit Series


High Rise Kit

An Organized Solution for Standpipe Operations

High Rise Kit Series

Your Standpipe Kit Solution

About the High Rise Kit

What is a High Rise Kit? 

A high rise kit or standpipe kit is a bag containing the equipment and tools your crew needs for successful standpipe operations.  Commercially available kits typically include everything you need to connect to the standpipe and control the flow of water. Many fire departments add tools and resources to their kit to personalize it for their community’s needs. 

What is included in a High Rise Kit? 

TFT High Rise Kits include: 

  • A configurable 2.5” (64 mm) valve with in-line pressure gauge 
  • (2) spanner wrenches 
  • 2.5” X 1.5” (64 mm X 38 mm) reducer 
  • 1.5” X 2.5” (38 mm X 64 mm) Increaser 
  • Compact, heavy duty duffel bag 

A One-Piece Standpipe Valve 


When you get to the standpipe, you need to connect and get flowing. Most commercially available standpipe kits supply a separate 45-degree elbow, gated valve, and pressure gauge. The configurable valve in our kit eliminates your need to connect three or four separate pieces in favor of a single, time-saving piece that incorporates these three elements. 

You can configure your valve at the time of order. Configurations include the valve handle on the left or right side. You can also choose not to have an internal valve and use the piece as a standpipe elbow with pressure gauge.  

For configurations that include the valve, our half-ball design is included. This allows easy movement and prevents the valve from slamming shut under pressure.  

360-Degree Versatility 


Access and visibility are key when using your high rise kit. The one-piece angled waterway swivels 360-degrees to direct the hose away from the wall and standpipe. This allows for a simple connection that works in most situations and reduces your risk of hose kinks.  

The pressure gauge also swivels 360-degrees to give you easy visibility in tight spaces.

Integrated Pressure Gauge and Elbow

Increaser and Decreaser