Automatic Flow HANDLINE Fire Nozzle

About the HANDLINE Series

Looking for pressure choices and flow control in your automatic nozzle? The Handline nozzle gives you three different pressure options to choose from and gives you flow control at the nozzle with a patented slide valve. 

What is the Handline Nozzle? 

The Handline nozzle is an automatic nozzle with a wide flow range of 95-300 GPM (360-1150 LPM).  

Watch: How does an Automatic Nozzle work? 

Size and Flow Options 

The Handline nozzle gives you options in your size and flow. Choose from a 1.5” (38 mm) or 2.5” (64 mm) configuration, then choose from one of three pressure options.  

  • 100 PSI (7 bar) with a flow range of 95 – 300 GPM (360-1150 LPM) 
  • 75 PSI (5 bar) with a flow range of 95 – 250 GPM (360-950 LPM) 
  • 50 PSI (4 bar) with a flow range of 95 – 225 GPM (360-850 LPM) 

Firefighter Flow Control 

Each Handline Automatic Nozzle comes with our patented turbulence-free slide valve and detent flow control. This gives you ultimate control over your flow at the nozzle with the benefit of an automatic nozzle’s optimized stream and reach. 

Choose Your Configuration 

You can customize your Handline with a variety of options: 

  • Tip only for break and extend operations or with a stainless-steel slide valve 
  • Coupling style, thread, and size 
  • No grip, pistol grip, or playpipe handles 
  • Optional folding pistol grip 
  • Colored pistol grips or handle covers 


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