Do you ever wish you could access two smooth bore sizes without having to remove a tip and add a new one to your line? Have you ever wanted a smooth bore and combination nozzle option in a single handline? FlipTip makes it possible!  

What is the FlipTip Nozzle? 

FlipTip is a unique nozzle that gives you two nozzles of choice in a single economical handheld nozzle.  

FlipTip Lock 

With FlipTip, your front nozzle is locked in both the up and down positions. You can easily change positions by shutting the nozzle off, unlocking the nozzle, and flipping the tip up or down.  

Available in Three Configurations 

You can choose from three configurations for your FlipTip nozzle. 

Tip Only 

Give your initial attack crew a choice of flows with outstanding stream performance.  

FlipTip’s tip only model integrates your choice of two smooth bore combinations. This option is ideal as an addition to any ball valve shutoff.  

Integrated Ball Shutoff 

This option integrates a high-volume ball shutoff while giving you a single nozzle with a choice of hard-hitting straight streams. 

The detent style ball shutoff gives you the control you need on the fireground. 

Integrated Ball Shutoff and G-Force Nozzle 

Get a high-volume ball shutoff and your choice of G-Force combination nozzle with this option. You get a single nozzle that offers a hard-hitting smooth bore and high-performance combination nozzle. 

You can choose from fixed, selectable, or automatic for your G-Force and operational pressures of 75 or 100 psi.  

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