Blitztac Portable Monitors



Budget-Friendly Firefighting Monitors

About the Blitztac Portable Monitors

Are you looking for an economical portable firefighting monitor (or water canon) that safely maximizes the capabilities of your personnel? The Blitztac portable attack monitor is your answer.  

What is Blitztac? 

The Blitztac is a lightweight and versatile portable attack monitor that lets a single member of your crew flow up to 500 GPM (2000 LPM). You can also use the unit to deliver foam when needed. 

Small Size, Big Flow 

The Blitztac allows one firefighter and one hose to put up to 500 GPM (2000 LPM) on the fire, giving other personnel the freedom to tackle additional jobs on your fire ground.  

The unit can flow unassisted from 25-degrees to 50-degrees and can go as low as 10 degrees when assisted. This allows you to effectively attack the fire, whether it is through a door, in the basement window, or at the second story. You can also adjust the stream up to 20-degrees on either side of center to direct the stream to where you need it most.  

Plus, the unit is lightweight, coming in at just under 20 pounds without a nozzle.  

Safety and Stability 

Fireground safety is always top of mind. That’s why the Blitztac has multiple features to help keep your crew safe. 

Heavy Duty Carbide Tipped Folding Legs 

Once deployed, the carbide tips help the Blitztac stay in place and minimize sliding. The legs fold up when the unit is not in use to make storage and deployment simple.  

Anchor Strap 

The anchor strap allows you to tie the monitor to an object to limit travel distance in case of sliding or movement. 

Inlet Safety Features

The swiveling inlet directs the hose line toward the ground for added monitor stability. The integrated safety inlet protects your crew from unintended monitor movement and easily resets if tripped.