Reducing Reaction Force with the Working Fire Nozzle

The Working Fire nozzle is an exclusive design that delivers optimal GPM with minimal reaction force.  

Fixed Flow with Pressure Relief 

The Working Fire Nozzle is a fixed flow firefighting nozzle with pressure relief. This takes fixed flow to a new level.  

The 150 at 75 nozzle delivers the flow you expect while limiting reaction force when you need more GPM for the firefight. Like any other 150 at 75 fixed flow nozzle, the Working Fire builds its rated 75 psi when you deliver 150 GPM for initial attack operations. When you see poor stream performance, it is still a direct indication of low flow rate, just like any other fixed nozzle.  

Pressure Relief Benefits 

The real differences between the standard 150 at 75 fixed flow nozzle and the Working Fire nozzle happen when you need to over pump for more flow or you experience a GPM increase during a gated wye operation. 

A standard 150 at 75 fixed flow nozzle will experience a reaction increase from 65 pounds to 116 pounds of reaction force when moving from 150 GPM to 200 GPM. Whether you receive this by over pumping the nozzle, or from a flow increase during a gated wye operation, that’s a big increase.  

The same GPM increase on the Working Fire nozzle only brings the reaction force to 87 pounds thanks to the pressure relief feature. 


As you can see, the Working Fire helps you minimize nozzle reaction even when you need to over pump the nozzle or shut down a line on a gated wye operation. 

Wondering how to use the Working Fire to limit flow issues during a gated wye operation? Learn more with this video