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This operator station allows any TFT RC electric monitor to be controlled using a joystick. Moving the joystick controls monitor vertical and horizontal movement. Thumb switches control nozzle pattern. A trigger built into the joystick handle can be used to open and close some water valves. The joystick is factory installed on an enclosure that houses the control electronics and a 10′ (3m) cable is supplied with stripped wires for connection in the control system terminal box. The joystick control is also equipped with push buttons on top for PARK and OSCILLATE functions as well as monitor DEPLOY. An additional configurable button can be set up for RC Extend-A-Gun or LED light kit control. A toggle switch is available to select water valve open, close, or joystick control. The joystick control can be configured for proportional speed control of the horizontal and vertical axis. The joystick control is factory wired so that the AUX2 button on TFT monitor operator stations will also open and close the water valve. Mounting bracket meets NFPA 1900 9G force requirements which ensures the security of equipment and safety of personnel.

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Weight 4.600 lbs
Hemisphere Mount


Hemisphere Clamp


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