AJ Bonnett

AJ Bonnett

Account Manager

After serving in The United States Air Force, AJ set out to take his crash fire rescue experience to the civilian world. AJ was honorably discharged from his last assignment at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico and returned to California where he was hired by the US Forest Service. He obtained wildland engine work experience and even got to tag along with a hot shot crew in Northern California for a season.

AJ returned to New Mexico fire service where he eventually retired from Albuquerque Fire Rescue as a Station Captain assigned to Fire Station 5, one of the city’s busiest houses in the southeast part of town.

During this time, AJ was also serving his community as a paramedic that continued past his retirement from Albuquerque Fire Rescue in 2019. AJ flew the skies of NM for several years as a flight paramedic assigned to a helicopter EMS program. Eventually he “landed ” an educator role with a large ambulance service that covered central and northern New Mexico.

Now, AJ uses these years of experience and service to help you find the right firefighting solutions from Task Force Tips.

AJ is a board member with an education foundation that assists in bridging the gap between school budgets and the needs of the classrooms. AJ is lucky enough to be married to his wonderful wife Amy for over 18 years. They have two children: Dylan, 17, and Maya, 13.  Both kids are accomplished swimmers, so the Bonnett Swim Team is usually crisscrossing the southwest for swim meets up to and including at the National Level.  Dylan is currently working on taking his swim resume to the NCAA level. In their limited free time, the Bonnets like to camp, hike, travel (not to a swimming pool) and mom and dad enjoy a little motorcycle touring when possible.