Large-Scale Firefighting: The Tsunami Monitor

Can your monitor flow 8,000 GPM (30,000 LPM)?  

The Tsunami is a massive master stream appliance capable of flows between 4,000 GPM and 8,000 GPM (15,000 and 30,000 LPM).  

Where are Tsunami Monitors Used? 

The Tsunami can be found in a few locations, but most often in industrial areas that need big water flow during a fire. These may be petrochemical plants or refineries. 

Tsunami can be mounted on: 

  • Trailers 

  • Apparatus 

  • Stationary Mounts 


How do You Supply the Tsunami? 

In the video example, the Tsunami is supplied by 12” Large Diameter Hose. This hose is run into the apparatus which does not have its own pump. Instead, it functions as a supply manifold for the appliance.