Is TFT the Right Fit for Your Firefighter Air Decon Needs?


You focus on keeping your crew safe and healthy. You also lead them through changes in firefighting equipment, procedures, and best practices. If you are looking to mitigate risk associated with airborne threats in the fire service, you are probably also transforming your standard operating procedures.  We hope you will turn to us for a comprehensive solution that fits your needs.  

We believe that the Task Force Tips team can help your fire station take control of the health and safety protocol surrounding air and gross decontamination. We also believe you can create long-term efforts that keep your crew safe. Quality procedures on the fireground can help your crew go home to their families every day, but air decontamination procedures can help them be there when it's time to retire. 

Our experience and expertise cover a broad range of topics. We have helped departments across the US and internationally. But sometimes, a department is not the right fit for our products. Now, let’s explore who the right customer is and see if TFT’s air decontamination and filtration solutions are right for you. 

Our Most Successful Customers 

We have worked with a lot of firefighters across the country and internationally. During that time, we have found that our most successful customer is: 

  • An empowered firefighter who wants to be the best in their industry at what they do. They are always learning, training, and looking for the best solutions. 

  • A perpetual, active learner who refuses to settle for second best. They are ready to evolve and adapt to changing norms in the industry. 

  • A team player who is highly engaged with their crew. They are interested in building a great working relationship with everyone on their team. 

  • Someone willing to build and train their whole team for excellence. Okay isn’t good enough because lives depend on your abilities. 

We know that someone who meets these criteria and continually searches for the best choice is a good fit for our solutions. But what about the department? 

Our Most Successful Departments 

The individual is important, but to be truly successful, someone who meets the above criteria needs to be a leader in a department that: 

  • Is disciplined and stable. The fire department has a culture that focuses on growth, development, and open-mindedness. 

  • Is open to growth and learning in a structured way, including updating standard operating procedures when needed. 

  • Is interested in being prepared for the next big challenge. 

We know that when the right leadership sets the course for the right department, amazing results happen. We have seen it repeatedly. 

But, for Task Force Tips to help you achieve your goals, we need to be on the same page about air decontamination. If you or your crew don’t believe the following, it is likely that we will be a bad fit to help with your firefighter health and safety efforts related to air decontamination and air filtration. 

What Task Force Tips Believes 

Firefighter Health is a Multi-pronged Approach 

Today, cancer is the most dangerous threat to the health and safety of firefighters. In fact, 66% of the career firefighter line-of-duty deaths from 2002-2019 were caused by cancer. One-third of line-of-duty deaths in 2020 were related to COVID-19. This means there is no room to only address a portion of the threats you face. It’s time to take a multi-pronged approach to your firefighter health goals.  

You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to mitigating airborne threats. 

You can compare the three prominent air decontamination technologies in this article!

To fully address air decontamination and filtration, you need to select the right system for you, implement solid standard operating procedures, and continue to improve them over time. Doing so will allow you and your department to be responsive to the changing landscape as the latest information becomes available. 

Firefighters and Manufacturers Need to Work Together 

Right now, you are doing a lot of research on air contamination solutions and the threats they work against. You are weighing your options and debating which company and solution is best. That is a lot of information to process, and one thing you should be certain of is that the company you choose understands how critical air decontamination is. It’s vital that you and the manufacturer understand the importance of capturing VOCS, particulates, and soot. If these major threats are not contained, the system will leave you and your crew exposed to harmful contaminants, putting your lives and long-term health in jeopardy. 

Manufacturers and firefighters like you need to work together to ensure you have the products and information you need to be successful. Manufacturers should provide you with helpful information about their products, air contamination, and other relevant topics. Task Force Tips is dedicated to creating high-quality content that directly answers your questions, and we believe others should do the same. When both sides of the equation work together it is possible to find the best, most helpful solution. 

Every Firefighter Should Strive to be the Most Informed Member of the Crew 

If your crew members are continually learning and trying to understand the challenges they face about air decontamination, they are likely concerned about other threats that can put them in danger. The desire to gain more knowledge and better understand current and future threats is a trait that some of the best have. Having a deeper understanding of your career makes you better able to face unexpected changes of plan. This builds a dedicated team that is interested in protecting themselves and each other.  

Firefighters Need to be Concerned About the Next Airborne Threat 

Your crew’s health and safety are some of the most important priorities you have. When you rely on reaction rather than prevention you leave yourself exposed to the next threat.  

The fact is, no one cares more for your crew than you do. 

Partnering with us means you have direct access to a team that is continually working on and incorporating innovative solutions into existing technologies. Your airborne threat mitigation efforts will evolve over time and filtering technologies will improve. We are dedicated to growing with your efforts and working with industry leaders so that our technology can protect you now and in the future. 

The most successful customers we work with are looking for a full-scale solution that evolves with their crew and protects them now and in the future. This may mean retrofitting an existing apparatus with a suitable solution, implementing a new solution in your stations, or building a new apparatus with an air decontamination solution built in.  

Fire Crews Need an Intuitive, Easy-to-Use Air Decontamination Solution 

Your focus should be on the community you serve. Time spent wondering if your air decontamination system is working for you is time stolen from the citizens that need you most.  

The CrewProtect and StationProtect systems make air decontamination easy. With LED indicators, failsafe protection features, and simplified maintenance schedules, you will never wonder when cartridges need replaced or if your air decontamination system is working properly. 

Learn more about StationProtect and CrewProtect basic maintenance here.

Do You Believe it’s Time for a Change? 

Have you seen the tried-and-true health and safety tactics you’ve used for decades become obsolete or less effective over time?

Maybe you have worked with other consultants or sales teams to attack the issue and it hasn’t amounted to real, measurable results. Or, perhaps, you’ve seen firefighters at other stations spend their time listening to pitches and researching solutions without resolution. If that sounds familiar, maybe what you’ve read here makes a lot of sense.  

If you find that our beliefs resonate with you, it’s possible you would be a perfect fit for Task Force Tips and a perfect candidate for our comprehensive air decontamination system. 

If you believe what we believe and you’re ready to make the world safer, healthier, and more productive, let’s continue your journey. 

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