Is a BubbleCup Right for Your Brush Truck?

Are you running a red line or forestry hose on your brush truck? Do you need a lower flow rate and foam capabilities?

The BubbleCup might be a great option for you!

What is a BubbleCup? 

a Bubblecup flowing water

The BubbleCup is a standard handheld combination nozzle with a lower flow rate perfect for your forestry applications. The nozzle is lightweight and simple to use with an added benefit: a built-in foam attachment.

Built-In Foam Capabilities 

The built-in foam attachment entrains air and mechanically agitates your foam solution, allowing you to create a high-quality foam blanket for your firefighting operation.

To use the built-in foam attachment, simply pull the outer sleeve forward.

Image 1

Versatility: Water and Foam Application 

BubbleCup works well with water and foam applications. You can flow with a straight stream or a wide fog pattern. If you’re using foam and need an immediate wide fog pattern, simply retract the foam attachment sleeve to its regular position.

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