How Does a Selectable Firefighting Nozzle Work?

How Does a Selectable Firefighting Nozzle Work?

A selectable nozzle allows you to change your flow rate on the fire ground without changing tips. In this video, you will learn more about how these nozzles work, how they relate to smooth bore tip sizes, and what happens if you change your GPM selection without communicating with your pump operator.

What is a Selectable Nozzle? 

A selectable fire nozzle has a selector ring that allows you to manually choose the orifice size of your nozzle. Your selected flow is only achieved at the rated pressure of the nozzle.

When you turn the selector ring, the baffle of the nozzle moves in or out, making the opening at the exit of the nozzle larger or smaller depending on the flow rating you choose. This simple design provides versatility and a variety of flow rates, all with one nozzle.

What Should I Consider Before Using a Selectable Nozzle? 

Every nozzle has pros and cons, and every fire crew has their nozzle preferences. With a selectable fog nozzle, you need to consider how to best communicate with your pump operator.

You can only achieve the selected flow of your nozzle when the nozzle is pumped to its rated pressure. If you make changes to your selected flow, your pump operator will likely need to adjust the pump discharge pressure. An over pumped nozzle can create a large amount of nozzle reaction, while an under pumped nozzle will not have the reach or impact force you expect.

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