How do you limit flow issues during gated wye operations?


It is no secret that you can encounter flow issues and increased reaction force when you shut down a line during gated wye operations. So, how can you limit flow issues with this setup?  

Working Fire Fixed Flow Nozzle with Pressure Relief 

The Working Fire nozzle is unique due to its pressure relief feature. This exclusive feature maximizes GPM (Gallons Per Minute) when you over pump the nozzle. That same pressure relief feature keeps reaction force manageable as your GPM increases. Under similar conditions, a standard nozzle would build nozzle pressure and reaction force, but the Working Fire maximizes your GPM while keeping that pressure at a manageable level.  

Working Fire vs a Standard Fixed Flow Nozzle 

In this video, you can see the Working Fire in action with a standard fixed flow nozzle.  

The Setup 

In this scenario, we have 200 feet of 2.5” hose line integrated with a 2.5” SHO-FLOW flow meter so that we can see flow rates in real time. At the end of the 2.5” hose line is a gated wye appliance

On each outlet of the gated why, there is 100 feet of 1.75" hose. One line has a Working Fire Fixed Flow nozzle with Pressure Relief. The other line has a standard 150 at 75 fixed flow nozzle. Collectively, this setup is flowing a combined 300 gallons per minute, 150 GPM out of each hose line. 

The Results 

Shutting Down the Standard Nozzle 

When the standard fixed flow nozzle line is shut down, the flow on the Working Fire increases from 150 GPM to about 190 GPM with around 80 pounds of reaction force. 

Shutting Down the Working Fire Nozzle 

When the Working Fire nozzle line is shut down, the flow on the standard nozzle increases from 150 GPM to about 175 GPM. The reaction force increases to about 90 pounds. 

The comparison 

As you can see from this example, the Working Fire brings impressive results when used in a gated wye scenario with a higher flow rate and lower reaction force than the standard nozzle. 

Learn more about how the working fire maximizes GPM and minimizes reaction force with this video!