How do You Get the GPM Ranges for Your Nozzle?

Have you ever needed to know the GPM range of your firefighting nozzle? What about the differences between fixed and automatic nozzles? Learn more with Brian "Pods" Podsiadlik as he discusses GPM ranges, fixed firefighting nozzles, and automatic firefighting nozzles.

How do You Get the GPM Range of your Firefighting Nozzle?

The GPM range of any nozzle depends on the size of the opening at the exit of the nozzle. Larger openings allow for a larger flow capacity while smaller openings allow for lower flow capacities.

What is a Fixed Firefighting Nozzle?

A fixed GPM nozzle is a firefighting nozzle with a fixed opening at the exit of the nozzle. The size of this opening does not change. 

What is an Automatic Firefighing Nozzle?

An automatic nozzle has a spring-loaded baffle that can make the opening at the exit of the nozzle larger or smaller depending upon the flow rate you are trying to achieve. 

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