Fire Station Health Risk Assessment

Are you working to find opportunities for health improvement at your fire station?  

The Health Risk Assessment is a tool that can help you pinpoint areas for improvement. Even better – the assessment typically takes less than 10 minutes to complete! 


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What is the Health Risk Assessment? 

The Health Risk Assessment is a quick evaluation of your fire station’s risks when it comes to the health processes, procedures, and initiatives you take part in. The assessment is based on the Health Continuum and accounts for your station, incident, apparatus, and team procedures.   

After completing your assessment, you will receive a report that provides an overall percentage of how your department is doing, percentages for each health risk category from the Health Continuum, and opportunities for improvement. Once you receive your report, you can consider the information and determine which opportunities you would like to prioritize.  

*New Report Screen Shot* 

Once you’re ready, you can contact your local dealer to discuss the summary and your next steps. 

Supplementing Your Results 

The Health Risk Assessment is a solid start to pinpointing health opportunities for your station and crew. If you would like additional information about your station or cab, you can get the AirCard.  

The AirCard is a small device capable of detecting elevated levels of VOCs wherever you place it. The device takes 30 days or less for a result and can give you valuable information about your station or apparatus. Learn more about the AirCard here

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