Father Rescues Son with 20+ Year Old Nozzle in Mullins, SC

Right tool, right job. Combination nozzles and fog patterns are not right for every situation. This story is an example of when it works.

Firefighter Bill Wallace sits in front of a fire apparatus pump panel Firefighter Rhett Wallace sits in front of a hose rack and fire apparatus
Bill Wallace Rhett Wallace

“What am I going to tell to his mother?”

Bill and Rhett Wallace responded to a mutual aid call for a neighboring department. On scene, the father and son found themselves on different ends of a dangerous situation. Rhett entered the home with another firefighter and began fire suppression and primary search. During the search, the two felt the floor give way and found themselves laying among insulation, debris, and flame.

Bill took immediate action with “left for life, right for reach” and used a 21-year-old QUADRAFOG Nozzle to cool the area. Using the fog pattern, he kept the pair cool until the rescue team was able to pull them from the collapse.

Thanks to quick thinking, both firefighters escaped with minor injuries and went home to their families.

During the rescue, the QUADRAFOG used to cool the firefighters was left behind. The fire department retrieved it later on and discovered it can still flow water!

Firefighter Bill Wallace wears a firefighting helmet and turnout gear. He is spraying water from a QUADRAFOG nozzle from TFT.     The QUADRAFOG nozzle used in the rescue sits against pavement. The handle is fully burned off.

Watch the father and son duo tell their story in the video above.

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