Customize Your Working Fire Nozzle


The Working Fire 150@75 Fixed Flow nozzle with Pressure Relief is available with a color-coded bail handle & a color-coded straight stream indicator ring on the bumper of the nozzle, & features a wide open space on the top for laser engraving of your dept. logo.

TFT was the first company to pioneer customized nozzles for the fire service back in the 90s, and the Working Fire Nozzle from TFT offers a whole new level of customization.

The working fire 150 gpm at 75 psi fixed flow nozzle with pressure relief is available with color-coded bail handles and color-coded straight stream indicator rings on the bumper of the nozzle. Black, blue, red, and yellow are the colors most selected by the fire service and are available on any Working Fire Nozzle. The Working Fire Nozzle has a wide open space on top of the nozzle that’s ready for customized engraving of your fire department’s logo. In addition the Working Fire Nozzle is available in a one piece or break apart model, and your choice of molded rubber fog teeth or casted stainless steel spinning teeth. Experience the new standard in fixed flow nozzles, See the difference, feel the difference, schedule a time to flow the Working Fire Nozzle today at