Can You Reseal a Ball Intake Valve?

“Can you reseal a Ball Intake Valve (BIV)?”

If your Ball Intake Valve starts leaking, you have a couple of options for getting it resealed depending on your needs.

Field Repair Kits

If you and your crew are up to the task, you can choose to reseal your BIV on your own. There are repair kits available for each model of BIV. Most repairs can be completed with basic tools like allen wrenches and a rubber mallet.

If you have any questions during your repair, you can contact TFT support or search for repair guides in our online Resource Library.

TFT Service

You can also send your Ball Intake Valve back to TFT for service. No prior authorization from us is necessary. Simply fill out the Returning an Item for Service form and mail your BIV to the service department at the address listed.