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What is an Automatic Nozzle?

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Date June 19, 2023
Date June 19, 2023
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The automatic nozzle is the youngest fire nozzle design on the market. The design for it was sketched on a dinner napkin in 1968 by Clyde McMillan, the founder of Task Force Tips. McMillan developed the nozzle to make your job as a firefighter easier and safer.  

There are a lot of opinions out there about the automatic nozzle. Some firefighters love the automatic nozzle while others don’t like using them. Let’s dive into how it works and who it might be right for. 

The original automatic nozzle concept sketch done by Clyde McMillan 

What is an Automatic Nozzle? 

An automatic nozzle is a combination firefighting nozzle that contains a spring-loaded baffle. This baffle is able to maintain a specified pressure throughout a wide flow range. This means that as your flow drops, the exit orifice for the nozzle gets smaller and if your flow increases, it gets larger.  

How Does an Automatic Nozzle Work?  

For the most part, an automatic nozzle works just like any other combination nozzle. You open, close, and gate the nozzle using the bail handle. You can also adjust your flow pattern like any other combination nozzle.  

The baffle is where the automatic nozzle differs from other combination nozzles.  

Two automatic nozzle baffles sit side by side. On the left, an older bulky style and on the right a newer style