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Today, information is available to you at the click of a button. We believe in helping you find the answers to your questions and providing the best, most accurate information we can.  

TFT University 

TFT University is an in-house program that takes place at headquarters multiple times each year. This class dives into the fundamentals of water flow and water hydraulics to help you gain a better understanding of how our products work on the fire ground. 

Firefighter Learning Hub 

The Firefighter Learning Hub is a space dedicated to answering the questions we hear from customers and dealers every day. Videos and written content explain concepts, products, and choosing the right solution for your needs in a conversational, accessible way.  

Task Force Tips YouTube 

If videos are your preferred method for learning or reviewing information, our YouTube channel has plenty of videos for you! You can find playlists for different topics and watch all our #AskTFT videos right there. Be sure to subscribe to get notified when we post something new! 

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