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CNC robotic machine

From a simple sketch on a napkin by founder Clyde McMillan that started the company over 50 years ago, Task Force Tips today designs, manufactures, and delivers innovative high performance products and agent delivery solutions to emergency responders around the world. However, the commitment to excellence remains unchanged. The ISO 9001: 2015 certified TFT manufacturing campus in Valparaiso, Indiana spans over 200,000 square feet. The buildings house more than 250 employees and the very latest technology in information systems, CNC machines, parts distribution and quality control.

TFT in-house anodizing line
TFT in-house anodizing line for maximum protection and quality control.
TFT experienced assembler

Dedicated assembly stations allow team members to become experts in the products they manufacture.

TFT Design Engineer

Using 3D solid design modeling, TFT manufacturing and design engineers create new products based upon the needs of the fire service.

TFT water flow testing station

TFT products are fire ready. All units go through an extensive quality process including water flow testing and calibration.

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