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In 1955, Clyde McMillan was burned at the Standard Oil Company Fire in Whiting, Indiana. After the incident, he took action and designed a new type of nozzle for the fire service. His goal was to improve the lives of firefighters and make their jobs safer and more effective.  

Today, our employees are working hard to help you save lives and protect property. From start to finish, we know that your life may depend on something we touch. That's why we innovate, build, test, repair, and educate each and every day.  


Our products are built with firefighters like you in mind. Maximizing water flow, versatility, and the flexibility of your firefighting equipment means you have more options and better outcomes on the fire ground.  


Your life may depend on the quality of our products. From the CNC machines to gauging to checking for accuracy, we take pride in quality and accuracy. We understand the importance of making sure your equipment works. 


We know how vital it is that our products work as expected. Many of our products are tested in-house to ensure they are calibrated and adjusted properly.  

Repair and Service 

You know that any mechanical object is going to get damaged or need repairs at some point in time. Your service and repair options with us include sending an item in to allow our service team to complete repairs or doing your own service. Our Customer Service team is available to help you when questions arise. 

You can also attend a Service Class at our headquarters. Led by our customer service team, the class takes you through basic maintenance and repairs of most of our products, giving you a better understanding of your equipment. 


Today, information is available to you at the click of a button. We are dedicated to making information available. TFT University is a class held at headquarters that dives into the fundamentals of water flow and hydraulics. The Firefighter Learning Hub and our YouTube page focus on educational content that answers real questions. 

We are here to help you find solutions to your challenges and ensure you have the best information available to you.