TFT Releases Largest And Smallest Monitor Nozzles

April 23, 2018

Date April 23, 2018
Date April 23, 2018
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FDIC International 2018 saw Task Force Tips introduce new ER nozzles for its largest and its smallest RC monitors.

Industrial customers are rapidly adopting TFT’s Tsunami high volume (2700 to 8000 gpm) monitor for fixed, trailer and apparatus applications and were looking for a dispersed pattern nozzle. The new 6” remote control VORTEX nozzle when used with stacked tips provides for a straight stream or a fully filled, long reaching dispersed pattern with no loss of water flow volume. The monitor and nozzle package is ideal for industrial water and foam applications because of its superior friction loss (only 15psi at 8000 gpm) and even in the dispersed pattern, the stream is longer than traditional fog nozzles.

From 20 gpm to 8000 gpm, TFT ER Nozzles lead the market in stream quality and reliability.

TFT also introduced our most compact ER nozzle to package with our most compact monitor. The new ER Twister nozzle was released to pair with the TFT EF1 monitor. It’s the electronic remote version of TFT’s proven Twister design. Available in a 20/60 gpm (75/225 l/min) or 20/95 gpm (75/360 l/min) version and you have the option to add an integrated TFT Bubble Cup to produce aspirated foam. The nozzle is easy to install and comes with your choice of traditional joystick or TFT’s new Bluetooth Tactile Touch controller.

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