April 08, 2019

Date April 08, 2019
Date April 08, 2019
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Valparaiso, IN:   TFT released two new master stream nozzles at this year’s FDIC International.  Both offer multiple options and superior stream and flows.

The new VORTEX 2 and 2 ER (electric remote) are designed for flows up to 1250gpm (4500 l/min) for water or firefighting foam solutions. The VORTEX is designed to be installed behind stacked tip or smooth bore nozzles and offers increased flexibility. Users get the benefit of either a straight stream or a dispersed pattern with virtually no loss of flow in either selection. In addition, the VORTEX offers a full range of flows because it is not limited to a single smooth bore size. The new nozzle is also lighter and more compact and affordable than competitors’ models.

The new Master Stream 4000 ER is one of three high performance big water nozzle options for the TFT Tsunami, TFT’s largest high volume industrial monitor. Previously released nozzle options include stacked tips or tips with the 6” VORTEX offering a dispersed pattern. The Master Stream 4000 ER brings straight stream and true fog pattern capability. It is available in an automatic version, 600 to 4000 gpm (2400 to 16000 l/min), or a selectable version, 2000 and 4000 gpm (8000 and 16000 l/min) at 100 psi (7 bar).


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Two firefighters using hoses to spray water

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