August 12, 2022

Date August 12, 2022
Date August 12, 2022
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Since the company’s inception, TFT has been focused on solving fireground problems to enhance the health, safety, and productivity of firefighters. Now, TFT is proud to release the PurePWR Power Conditioner. PurePWR was created to address dirty power, voltage variances, corrosion, and power fluctuations with apparatus power that can cause operational issues with electronic monitors or valves.

Power fluctuations can be a challenge for any electronic monitor or valve from any manufacturer when installed on an apparatus due to limitations in the apparatus wiring. These wiring difficulties can lead to a delay in water delivery or unexpected down time for apparatus electrical repairs. The PurePWR corrects this issue for electronic monitors, VUMs, Extend-A-Gun operations, and remote BIVs with a simple plug-and-play solution. The adapter requires no special skills to install, can be permanently attached to the apparatus, and eliminates the need for out-of-service repairs for power variance issues.

The lightweight and compact PurePWR also eliminates the need for a battery on an aerial. Batteries add additional weight, carry the potential for recharging issues, and require ongoing maintenance.
PurePWR is rugged and made with a weatherproof enclosure. When in use, an LED light clearly indicates that the unit is working.

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