October 08, 2021

Date October 08, 2021
Date October 08, 2021
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(Valparaiso, Indiana) In August 2021, Task Force Tips (TFT) introduced CrewProtectTM, to protect first responders while riding in their apparatus. It eliminates particulates, VOCs, and aerosols containing bacteria and viruses from the cab and body air. However, upon returning to station, the crew can still be at risk of exposure to these threats and more.

That’s why TFT has partnered with Purafil – part of the largest air filtration company in the world – to integrate proven and patented filtration technology into StationProtectTM. The device cleans the station air and protects crews from those same cancer-causing soots and VOCs, and also improves overall air quality by removing aerosols carrying viruses, bacteria and even mold. More info at TFT-Cancer in the Fire Service.

StationProtect is designed for areas like gear rooms, sleeping quarters, and living spaces. It’s portable on casters for placement anywhere in the facility. It’s also low maintenance, easy to use with a single knob, and works on standard electrical outlets. The system includes a filtration kit that only needs to be changed annually. Systems with similar filtration technologies are used globally today in hospitals, industrial sites, schools, telecom, energy sites, agriculture, and food production.

Don’t select a system that only deals with one or two threats. StationProtect is proven technology that tackles cancer, viral, and even mold threats. For more information contact your local TFT dealer or go to StationProtect.


About Task Force Tips:
Task Force Tips (TFT) is a leading manufacturer of live saving equipment for fire and rescue departments around the globe. Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, our mission is focused on saving lives and protecting property. More info at
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