August 10, 2021

Date August 10, 2021
Date August 10, 2021
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(Valparaiso, Indiana)- Task Force Tips (TFT) was created 50 years ago by a firefighter to provide tools to help first responders to do their job more safely and effectively. Now today, TFT is helping to keep firefighters healthier as well. TFT has partnered with Purafil – part of the largest air filtration company in the world – to integrate proven and patented filtration technology into a new TFT product: CrewProtectTM.

Put simply, CrewProtect cleans the apparatus air that firefighters and EMS personnel breathe. It rapidly filters cancer causing particulate soot and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) that can off-gas for up to 45 minutes. In addition, because of medical responses and close quarters in apparatus, CrewProtect also filters a wide range of bacterial and viral threats like COVID-19. Systems with similar filtration technologies are used globally today in hospitals, industrial sites, schools, telecom, energy sites, agriculture, and food production.

CrewProtect tackles all three major air threats in the cab and ambulance body:  particulates, VOCs and aerosols carrying bacteria and viruses. Other systems only tackle one or two. Most importantly, CrewProtect is safe. Many other systems are ineffective at particulate and VOC removal or have the unintended consequence of adding more harmful elements, such as ozone and formaldehyde during operation.

TFT designed CrewProtect specifically for fire apparatus. It’s an easy installation in a new truck or retrofit into an in-service unit. It’s encased in steel, compact and rugged. CrewProtect is fast and effective as it filters the air in the average cab every 3.5 minutes, which exceeds the air exchange rate of “clean rooms” and operating rooms in hospitals! Lastly, CrewProtect is automatically helping to protect occupants whenever the apparatus is in use without switches or adjustment controls.

For more information, contact your local TFT dealer or go to CrewProtect.


About Task Force Tips:
Task Force Tips (TFT) is a leading manufacturer of live saving equipment for fire and rescue departments around the globe. Based in Valparaiso, Indiana, our mission is focused on saving lives and protecting property. More info at                                                 

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