TFT Fire Museum

Museum and Tours

tft Building

TFT welcomes first responders to tour its manufacturing facilities to experience the TFT culture, see how our products are built and meet the TFT employees. During the visit, also tour the Valparaiso Fire Museum which tells the history of firefighting. Apparatus on display include an 1883 Piano Style Engine from Westville, Indiana, an 1890 Silsby Steam Engine from Clintonville, Wisconsin, and a 1923 Seagrave Engine from the Valparaiso Indiana Fire Department. The reception desk is an old American LaFrance Pioneer model that was struck by a Cessna 150 aircraft while parked along a runway during an airshow. The museum also features murals painted by artist Katherine Larson, daughter of long-standing TFT board member Ray Larson. The museum is open to the public, and tours of TFT are available during business hours.

Museum mural of old steamer

The museum includes several hand painted murals depicting the fire service.

1923 Seagrave Engine

Several old fire apparatus are included like this 1923 Seagrave Engine.

1890 Steam Engine

The 1890 Silsby Steam Engine is another fire apparatus included.

mannequins with PPE through the years

Displays include PPE through the years.

breathing apparatus display

Also available are historic breathing apparatus.

Valparaiso FD history

History of the fire service in Valparaiso.